2014 Yame Shincha "Artisanal"


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Yame Shincha

Origin: Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan 

Shincha—“New Tea”—is a highlight of spring in Japan. The first tea picked in the spring, it is only lightly processed, destined to be enjoyed only during the months after the harvest. Because the tea plants have been dormant through the winter, Shin-cha captures an array of vibrant flavors. Likewise, the tea contains higher amounts of Vitamin C and the anti-oxidant catechin than regular green tea.

This artisanal grade shincha is grown in the Yame region of Fukuoka Prefecture. One of Japan's oldest tea growing regions, Yame has a long history of growing some of Japan's finest teas known for being particularly rich and sweet. This YAME SHINCHA is no exception, with an intoxicating aroma and vibrant green color, that only hints at the wonderful flavor that awaits you.

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