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a new lift after 10 years               

San Francisco (January, 2011) – ITO EN (ee-toh-en), the world’s leading supplier of loose leaf and bottled green tea will unveil a renewed design for its ready-to-drink TEAS’ TEA® line at Winter Fancy Food Show (January16-18,2011)in San Francisco. The award-winning line, recognized by its striped square bottle will get an an updated look designed by its original creator, Brooklyn based designer,  Michael McDevitt.

After 10 years, the company thought it was time to give the brand a bit of a lift. The timing was right with the introduction of five new sweetened flavors. Maintaining the brand equity achieved by the widely admired stripes, the new design will tie in the original unsweetened flavors and new sweetened skus in one line-up, differentiating it by the square(unsweetened) and round(sweetened) bottles.

The new 16.9fl oz square bottles will also be thinner and lighter in weight(18grams) helping reduce the carbon footprint. The bottles are lighter due to the new aseptic production that is cold-filled versus the conventionanal bottling method of hot-fill temperatures. Committed to contributing to the environment, the company is a leader in having a PETE 1, BPA free bottle that is among one of the lowest in weight in the RTD Tea industry.

The newly launched sweetened fruit flavors feature vivid photography and vibrant colors incorporated on the signature stripes on round bottles. With images of bright mangos, brilliant red apples and colorful blueberries, the fruit teas are produced domestically in the United States.

Both bottles are non-leaching, BPA free and PETE 1, recyclable. The company is active in protecting the environment and not only recycles its bottles, but recycles its tea leaves used from production to make eco-friendly products.

“After 10 years, we wanted to inject a new life and presence to our TEAS’ TEA® line. With customers recognizing our brand by its popular stripes, we decided to build on this brand equity and redesign the bottles to meet our companies strategy to further open the brand to a wider consumer base with cross-channel placements.” says Rona Tison, sr. vice president of corporate relations of ITO EN.

Bottled in environmentally friendly, non-leaching recyclable BPA free bottles(16.9fl oz), the new TEAS’ TEA® flavors will retail for $1.79 and are available at natural and mainstream markets nationwide. For more information, please visit or visit ITO EN’s booth at #3317.

About ITO EN(North America) INC.

ITO EN (North America)INC., a subsidiary of ITO EN, LTD., is the nation’s leading purveyor of green tea products and beverages. The company is an innovator in the beverage industry, marketing award-winning Japanese tea lines in the U.S., including: TEAS’ TEA®, Traditional Japanese Tea (Oi Ocha - Japan's 1 Selling Green Tea), and ITO EN Shots. Voted as “Best Tea” in New York City’s Zagat’s Gourmet and Entertainment Guide for six consecutive years and hailed as "Model Tea" by Beverage World Magazine, ITO EN is dedicated to creating an authentic green tea culture in the United States. Committed to products that embody the company’s five principles of Natural,Safe, Healthy, Well-designed and Delicious,  ITO EN is uniquely positioned as a pioneer in the tea industry.

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