Itoen Tea

Corporate Social Responsibility


Since its founding, ITO EN Ltd has consistently adopted a merit-based approach to employment. This system fosters and makes effective use of our skilled workforce, evaluating each individual's abilities fairly and affording equal opportunities to everyone.

Our forums include the ITO EN Business College, the Tea Taster Achievement and Qualification System, study programs in Japan and abroad, and a system to help employees gain other qualifications.

ITO EN Business College

The ITO EN Business College is an internal training program that encourages personal development by providing an environment for employees to develop their individual abilities. Established in 1989, the College conforms to the belief that all employees should invest in developing their own skills. They can select from a variety of courses, covering such subjects as sales and marketing, management, international business, and production, with the objective of furthering their careers and becoming more effective in the workplace.

The Tea Taster Achievement and Qualification System

The Tea Taster Achievement and Qualification System is an original, ITO EN-developed qualification system, aimed at promoting awareness about tea and tea culture, both inside and outside the company. In order to receive the Tea Taster qualification, candidates are tested on their overall knowledge, not only of green tea, but also black tea and oolong tea.