Corporate Social Responsibility


As a leading producer of beverages and purveyor of green tea, ITO EN has led the way in
incorporating protective environmental measures to ensure a healthy world for generations to come.
We're More Than Just Tea

Recycled Tea Leaves

We have applied our aggressive recycling ethic to the tea leaves used in the production process. A
majority of the used leaves are returned to the
earth as a natural fertilizer. Several tons are
likewise used in natural animal feed.

Aside from these recycling methods, one of the most exciting discoveries is the use of these leaves as a construction material. In conjunction with other companies, ITO EN has developed:

An Environmental Synthetic Resin made from used tea leaves, which is used in a variety of products,
from daily commodities, such as soap cases and ballpoint pens, to vending machines and public benches.

Boards made from used tea leaves, used widely
as material for making tatami mats (Japanese
floor mats)

Plaster boards made from used tea leaves, which may be used in construction as
interior insulation boards and
other building materials

Paper products made from used tea leaves, which are used as material for cardboard boxes. Ito En uses cardboard boxes made of used tea leaves as packaging material.

ITO EN Follows 5 Environmental Action Guidelines

  • Conduct product manufacturing, development and research with consideration for the environment
  • Conserve energy and resources
  • Promote emissions control, and proper waste disposal and recycling
  • Work to prevent global warming and air pollution
  • Increase employee awareness ofthe global environment and incorporate environmental conservation in daily operations

In recognition of its recycling activities,
ITO EN received the following awards:

  • Grand Prize, Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Energy Services Section
  • Grand Prize, Environment Ministry’s WASTEC Awards, Japan’s Waste Control and Recycling Technology Exhibition (WASTEC).
  • Environment Minister’s Prize for Global Warming Prevention Activities.
Honored by these recognitions,
ITO EN pledges to continue proactive research and promotion of products made from Used Tea Leaves, instilling the notion that used tea leaves are not "waste products," but "beneficial resources" for society.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

ITO EN Ready-to-drink teas are packaged in plastic (Pete) bottles, which can be recycled or made into
egg-packs, fiber, tote bags, clothing, furniture, carpet or other items, and are even used to make the ITO EN
Japan sales team uniforms.

ITO EN Ltd uniforms made from recycled PET bottles

Why Plastic?

Easier to transport and much lighter than glass, plastic bottles allows us to ship
more product in an individual shipping truck reducing fuel expenses and emissions.

We have achieved amazing results by reducing the Pete bottle’s mass by 0.16 g, making
ITO EN a leader in this regard, with its Pete bottle one of the lightest in the beverage industry.