Corporate Social Responsibility

Research and Development


The ITO EN Central Research Institute conducts research into a broad range of subjects related to tea, and continues to
contribute to the development of a broad range of products and the refinement of their manufacturing processes.
Every stage from raw product ingredients through to delivery of the finished product to the customer is based on our strict
quality control system, providing definitive ITO EN products and services in accordance with our five basic development
concepts of “natural,” “healthy,” “safe,” “well designed,” and “delicious.”

We're More Than Just Tea
Research on Health Benefits of green tea

At ITO EN's Central Research Institute we seek to confirm the health and nutritional benefits of green tea 
and vegetables from a scientific perspective. We are constantly exploring new possibilities for a variety of ingredients, centering our efforts on green tea, along with other components that are part of Japan's traditional culture and cuisine. Today, we pursue our research in accordance with the public's growing interest in various aspects besides flavor, such as safety, functionality and the use of additional nutritional elements, primarily vegetables.

Research Health Benefits

We conduct extensive verification research prior to the development of functional beverages, including beverages certified as food for specified health uses, developed with the objective of preventing adult diseases. ITO EN is a pioneer in beverage manufacturing technologies with the aim of enhancing product quality.ITO EN also collaborates with universities and other outside research organizations to determine the role of green tea's main components, including catechin and theanine, in maintaining good health.

While this research has already produced some promising results, the Institute is conducting joint research into the components of green tea in conjunction with the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in the United States. New discoveries are expected in the near future. Starting from 2003, we have spent more than 100 million dollars on these research efforts.

Research into Main
Properties of Green Tea
  • Anti-tumorigenesis
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Inhibition of hypertension
  • Anti-hypercholestolemia
  • Hypoglycemic effect
  • Antimicrobial activity
  • Prevention of halitosis
  • Radical scavenging effect
  • Radical scavenging effect
  • Hypoglycemic effect
  • Promotion of wakefulness
  • Eases fatigue and sleeplessness
  • Diuretic effect
  • Strengthening of blood vessels
  • Prevention of halitosis
Theanine (Amino Acid)
  • Antagonistic effect against convulsive action of caffeine
  • Inhibition of hypertension
  • Improvement of brain function
  • Anti-fungal activity
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Antiallergenic activity
  • Anti-obesity
Vitamin C
  • Prevention of flu
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Radical scavenging effect
  • Anti-hypercholestolemia
  • Health maintenance of skin and mucous membranes
  • Anti-carcinogenicity
Y-Amino Butyric Acid
  • Inhibition of hypertension
Vitamin E
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Health maintenance of cells
  • Radical scavenging effect
  • Prevention of caries