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Almond Fragrance Phoenix Oolong

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Almond Fragrance Phoenix Oolong

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Origin: Phoenix Mountains in Guangdong Province, China

Chinese Name: Xing Ren Xiang

High in the Phoenix Mountains of Guangdong Province, wild tree groves flourish in the absence of human intervention to produce some of the most exciting and unique tea in the world. The 300 year old Xing Ren Xiang cultivar is exceptionally rare and desirable for its rich almond fragrance.

While traditional brewing methods call for a strong and astringent brew with focused finish, we recommend a lighter brewing method to appreciate the subtle aroma and complex flavor. When brewed this way the mouth-feel is smooth with notes of roasted almonds and sweet buttercups that sweep across the palate. Eight to ten infusions, each slightly different from the last, make this the perfect tea to drink throughout the course of a full day or to share with the company of friends.

Approx. servings per ounce: 6-8

Brewing Instructions
tsp: 2-3
Water: 212 F / 6 oz
Steeping: First Infusion:15 seconds, Second Infusion: 20 seconds, Subsequent Infusions: 30 seconds
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