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Shan Lin Xi

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Origin: Nantou County, Taiwan

In the mountainous region of Nantou County, famous for producing some of the world’s best oolong tea, Shan Lin Xi is the highest peak at nearly a mile above sea level. Higher elevation and cooler temperatures slow the tea’s growth and produce smaller more tender leaves that are both higher in amino acid content and theanine. Those familiar with the luxuriousness of shade-grown Japanese tea will know that this translates to sweeter tea with a rich buttery mouth-feel.

This new harvest was lightly oxidized to enhance the incredible floral aroma that is reminiscent of dahlias. Once steeped the tea takes on an ethereal aroma of brown sugar and sweet cream. Light at first, the aroma builds and saturates your olfactory sense in a manner that is thoroughly pleasing.

However, what separates Shan Lin Xi from other Formosa “Taiwanese” oolongs is the unique taste. In this sea of cream and floral soaked sugar lies what can only be described as the tropical zest of fresh pineapple. It is a thoroughly surprising and positively delightful flavor experience that makes this an immense pleasure to drink.

Approx. servings per ounce: 6-8

Brewing Instructions
tsp: 2-3
Water: 185-203 F / 6 oz
Steeping: 2-3 minutes / Can be resteeped
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