Loose Leaf


The rarest and most delicate in the world, White teas are made of tea leaves covered in whitish hairs. The buds are plucked before they open and only slightly oxidized giving it a mild flavor with natural sweetness.


Black tea leaves are fully oxidized, lending them a richer and heartier flavor than green teas. The leaves are withered and rolled before being fully oxidized. They are then fired which creates the full and roasty flavors black teas are known for.


Matcha is the tea traditionally used for tea ceremonies. Matcha is made by grinding whole shade grown tea leaves into powder form, preserving more of the health benefits than regular green tea.


The practice of blending tea is to create a unique flavor experience using a variety of origins and characteristics. Blends can either consist of multiple teas being combined or can be paired with fruits, flowers or even rice to create a new flavor and aroma.


Chai is a western term for a sweet spiced tea from India, where it is known as masala chai. “Masala” is the Hindi word for spice; “Chai” the Hindi word for tea. It is made by blending black tea with a mixture of Indian spices and herbs.


Green teas are un-oxidized and not fermented. The leaves undergo three treatments: roasting, rolling and firing. Green tea is an excellent thirst quencher and is loaded with antioxidants that have many powerful health benefits. Nearly all green teas come from China or Japan.


Herbal teas, or “tisanes”, don’t actually contain any real tea leaf. Because they are made from an infusion of herbs, spices and other plant materials, they are naturally decaffeinated.


Oolong is a semi-oxidized tea, anywhere from 10-80%. This provides for a range of flavors and aroma, from mild and floral to dark and roasted. They can even be steeped multiple times with each steeping imparting different flavors.


Originally from the Yunnan province in China, Pu-erh teas are unique in that they are fermented and can be aged for several years. They are compressed into a variety of shapes and can be stored for years allowing the flavors to change, similar to wine.


Artisan teas are premium hand-crafted teas usually only available in small batches. They vary from traditional to experimental, meant to be savored.

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