Matcha Sunrise


1 tsp matcha

1/2 cup orange juice (lemonade is also good!)

1/2 cup hot water 176 F

Ice cubes 7-8 pieces


1. Combine matcha and hot water in a matcha bowl (or a café Au Lait bowl).

2. Whisk thoroughly with a chasen (bamboo wisk) until it foams. If you do not have a Chashaku, you can stir with spoon until all the clumps are removed. (It’s easier to pour the hot water little by little)

3. Divide the ice cubes placing half in the matcha bowl and half in a tall glass.

4. Pour the orange juice into the tall glass while the ice melts in your matcha bowl.

5. Slowly pour the cool matcha over a spoon into the glass and enjoy! (The spoon helps keep the layers from mixing)