Teas' Tea Unsweetened Smooth & Subtle Green White Tea 2 Liter (non-organic)


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2 liter (6 Bottles/Case)

Teas' Tea Unsweetened Smooth & Subtle Green White Tea is our pure Japanese green tea blended with a pure Chinese white tea. White tea is one of the rarest and most luxurious teas in the world and it is the least processed form of tea in China and India. Young tea leaf buds (not tea leaves but the buds) are picked, and then withered and dried under the sun (or sometimes steamed or fired) to stop oxidization. White tea is an unfermented tea. Because new and tender buds of first flush tea are hand-picked, white tea is rare, precious and expensive. When brewed, its flavor is delicate and subtle. It is lighter and sweeter than green tea, with a light yellow, pale liquor. According to many studies, out of all teas, white tea contains the largest amount of health-promoting antioxidants due to its youthfulness and minimum processing. 2 Liter (6 bottles/case)

For maximum quality and taste, please consume by the "best by" date printed on the bottle. Refrigerate after opening.

Caffeine Content: Approximately 25 mgs per 8 fl oz serving.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Purified Water, Green Tea, White Tea, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).


Catechins/EGCG - Powerful Antioxidants in tea that help neutralize free radicals
Brewing Instructions
Great Tea

I drink this almost every day. Consistent and good flavor.

Best of the Best

I LOVE Teas' Tea and had been drinking the unsweetened green tea for years until my local grocery store stopped selling it so I found this website and the green + white tea. The description says it all-it is a more "delicate" tea and I had read on webmdDOTcom that what they say on here about the purity of white tea really does make it higher in antioxidents. With the best tasting iced tea available that also is the most healthy, there's no question why I love it.

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