Donguri Restaurant


 Executive Chef's Note-March 2013

Dear Friends,


I was recently asked by a customer to give the literal translation of the Japanese word- Omakase from our menu. Explaining that it translated to mean “entrust”, I realized that our customers give us their complete confidence and trust in being served the best from the Chef.

Inspired daily by seasonal ingredients, no menu is the same. Once an Omakase is ordered, a customer is at the mercy of the Chef and his creative vision for the evening. Our challenge is to please and surprise, delivering a memorable culinary experience.

The following are a few of my dishes which one might expect when ordering a multi-course Omakase Menu.


Panko Crusted Tenderloin of Lamb with Hatcho Miso and Balsamic Sauce. This high quality miso is fermented for three winter seasons and is most famous for having been the favored miso by the Emperor of Japan during the Meiji Era.

House Smoked Tea Duck with Baby Greens and Ponzu Vinaigrette. Smoked with tea leaves and hickory chips, this house specialty has become one of my signature dishes.

Grilled Lobster and Hokkaido Scallops in a Warm Egg Sauce The succulent scallops are flambeed until golden with a creamy egg sauce and garnished with delicious bursts of ikura.


The newest addition to the menu is Kiritampo, a regional favorite from the Akita region of grilled rice balls served in a savory clear broth. This comfort dish is made with grilled quail, nameko mushrooms, bamboo shoots and junsai- an aquatic plant that has become a Japanese delicacy.

An exceptional and dramatic dish is the Black Squid Ink Risotto, made from the Japanese Kensaki Squid and Shrimp. Rich and flavorful, the Italian inspired risotto is topped with delicate Japanese shiso leaves and ikura, giving it a unique Eastern twist.

The Duo of Tomato and Basil Pasta is also prepared with small al dente bundles of fresh pasta and intricate sauces of Japanese and Italian tastes. A dish that can be paired with either wine or sake!

I hope you will take the opportunity to “entrust” me with a customized menu- the Omakase, very soon. Look forward to welcoming you to Donguri.


Best regards,

Chef Kagawa

Hitoshi Kagawa

Donguri Restaurant