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It’s February, one of the coldest months of the year.  It’s also a month filled with romance, and considered the last bastion of winter.  After all these long months of cold, grey snow and sleet, I know I’m looking forward to warm spring days and seeing some flowers bloom!

That’s why I’m currently in love with this Budding Jasmine Rose tea.  Break out your glass teaware, because you’re in for a treat!  This “blooming tea” genuinely lives up to its name.  Each bud is a beautiful rosebud hand-wrapped in delicate young white tea leaves.  As it steeps, the tea leaves open up, revealing the rose inside!  This tea is truly a spectacle for all the senses.  Floral, sweet jasmine notes dance across your tongue as you sip this flowering tea’s beautiful liquor.  Perfect for a single cup or a whole pot with friends, it’s a delicious, soothing bloom to keep you warm and looking forward to spring!

Tara Wasserman
Wholesale Assistant, Loose Leaf Tea 


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