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Tea Ceremony Set- Kiyomizuyaki

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Tea Ceremony Set- Kiyomizuyaki

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Natsume (Matcha Container) This small black container is for holding matcha powder during tea ceremony. The deep black color allows for the bright green matcha to have the most stunning effect by contrast. The small golden blossom decoration adds traditional, yet modern appeal.
2.5"h x 2.5"d

Chawan Tea Bowl Kiyomizuyaki is the traditional style of pottery from Kyoto, Japan’s old imperial capital. From the 5th century Kyoto’s Gojo neighborhood was the center of Kiyokizuyaki production. The artisans who work here have always been noted for their intricate designs, owing in part to the fine detailing tools that they also create by hand. Our Kiyomizuyaki tea bowl features a delicate design that is reminiscent of waves or the gentle winds of summer.

Celedon Chasen Naoshi (Whisk Holder) Keep your chasen in good shape by using this ceramic whisk holder. It is hollow in the center, to keep the inner tines separate from the outer layer, and protects the overall shape of the whisk. Light celadon glaze and an attractive shape keep this functional piece beautiful as well.

Chasen (Bamboo Whisk) Our chasen, or tea whisk, is hand-carved from a single piece of bamboo. The tines are expertly split into the thinnest sections and then crafted into the perfect shape for whisking matcha. Perfect for tea ceremony, yet simple enough for everyday use.

Chashaku (Tea Scoop)-Natural The chasaku, or tea scoop, is crafted from a single thin piece of bamboo. It is light weight and easy to hold.

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