Shade Grown Japanese Green Tea


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Shade Grown Japanese Green Tea

Japan’s most prized teas are almost exclusively shade grown. Covering leaves 10-20 days prior to harvesting, the leaves from these plants produce more chlorophyll and amino acids like theanine, resulting in tea with a deep green color and rich, almost savory flavor (known as umami in Japan.) Traditionally reserved for emperors and samurai, this tea is now available in limited quantities to the passionate tea drinker looking for the world’s finest teas.

We curated the following collection to showcase the most refined Japanese green teas. (Each selection brews 10 cups of tea) 40 empty tea bags included

  • SENCHA WITH MATCHA – Japan’s legendary milled tea, contributes a rich intensity to the fresh grassy notes of a premium-tier Sencha.
  • UJI GYOKURO - The foggy climate of Uji, combined with the painstaking shade-growing method used, create a sophisticated tea, revered for its sweet fruity fragrance. Early flavor impressions of pear and baked plum give way to a lively, pungent finish. Please brew this tea with 2-3 tsps of leaf and 158° or cooler water.
  • UJI KABUSE – Similar to the famed Gyokuro the tea known as Kabuse-cha is shade grown but for a shorter amount of time, creating a tea with the freshness of Sencha and the richness of Gyokuro. This particular tea comes from the famed Uji region outside of Kyoto. Enjoy its deep, mildly sweet flavor and vibrant green color.
  • YAME GYOKURO - One of the treasures of Japan. Our tip tea from Fukuoka prefecture is protected from the sun by straw shades and harvested just two weeks each year. Its taste is sweetly complex, with a nuance of baked pear evolving to a buttery aftertaste. Please brew this tea with 2-3 tsps of leaf and 158° or cooler water.


Rich in L-Theanine, an amino acid found predominantly in shade-grown green teas like matcha and gyokuro that historically have been used in aid of meditation due to their calming effects
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Understanding Sencha

Understanding Sencha

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Canister Gift Set - Sencha and Gyokuro

Canister Gift Set - Sencha and Gyokuro