Understanding Sencha


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Understanding Sencha

Sencha may be the most ubiquitous of all Japan’s green teas, but it is far from ordinary. Sencha is one of the world’s most special teas - not because of wild and wide ranging variations within its tradition - but because of the immense variety created within a finite spectrum of taste. Delicate and herbaceous with a refreshing astringency, the slight changes in terroir and production methods result in an endless variety, a perfect exercise in subtlety.

We curated this collection to showcase the wide variety of Japanese sencha. (Each selection brews 10 cups of tea) 40 empty tea bags included

  • TOMO SENCHA - TOMO SENCHA – A delicate first crop green tea is lightly steamed (Asamushi) Sencha to create a mild and well-balanced tea that is perfect for daily drinking. A gentle firing draws out the most character from this tea, making it anything but ordinary.
  • YAME SENCHA – The Yame region of Japan is highly regarded for producing what many consider to be the finest green teas in the world. This Sencha is no exception and serves as a fine example of the richness and layered taste that is characteristic to the region.
  • MEGAMI SENCHA – One of ITO EN’s signature teas. This deeply steamed (Fukamushi) Sencha is a perfect example of Kagoshima’s regional traditions. Two full minutes of steam reveals a finer leaf, which brews a true jade green color that is mild without sacrificing any of the leaf’s natural sweet taste.
  • URESHINO TAMA RYOKUCHA - Pan-firing methods of drying, adopted from China in the 1600s, create a unique slightly curled leaf. The taste is elegant and round, with a subtle citrus finish.


Catechins/EGCG - Powerful Antioxidants in tea that help neutralize free radicals
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