Where to Buy Matcha Tea

So what IS the deal with matcha tea?

Match Tea Yukinomukashi Tea Powder Used in Japanese tea ceremonies for over 900 years for its uniquely rich taste, Matcha tea, literally means “powdered tea.” Matcha tea is made from premium green tea leaves that are shade grown with new shoots that are harvested and steamed. Made from the nutrient rich picked tips of the shade-grown Camellia Sinensis plants, the leaves are then dried and ground into a very fine powder form. When ready for use, the green tea is placed into a matcha bowl and whisked with a small amount of water. With traditional green teas, parts of the leaves get infused into the water, while other parts are discarded. With matcha tea, you are actually drinking the entire leaves, thereby providing much greater health benefits than regular green tea. Additionally, 20 days prior to harvest the tea leaves used for matcha are shaded with mats, a process that awakens a deeper sweet, rich umami flavor. 

Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

Matcha tea may provide robust health benefits when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Consuming matcha tea’s fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins may help fortify the immune system, improving cholesterol and increasing metabolism. L-theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, and in especially high levels in matcha, tea may help calm the mind, while natural caffeine boosts energy to help you go the extra mile. Unlike more bitter teas that may require added sugar, matcha tea is great on its own because of its naturally sweet taste. As you are choosing your drink, remember that the health benefits of good quality matcha tea will outweigh poorer qualities of tea. If nothing else, taking the time to make and enjoy premium matcha tea’s savory taste will uplift the soul and certainly improve health by reducing stress, and heightening feelings of relaxation associated with a positive mood.

Where to Buy Matcha Tea

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