Where To Buy Oolong Tea

So what IS the deal with Oolong tea? 

oolong shanlinxi loose leaf tea close upOolong teas, also known as wu long tea, have long been cultivated and loved by tea connoisseurs in China and Taiwan for the dramatic variety in taste and aromas that result directly from skilled hands and wisdom of the people who shape them from a single plant, camellia senensis.  The tea is semi-oxidized, thereby distinctive from black teas that are fully oxidized, and green teas that are unoxidized. First tea leaves are left out in a warm and moist environment to oxidize anywhere from 10-85%.  Oxidaton, not to be confused with fermentation, is a natural chemical process where catechins turn into theaflavins, thearubigins and lipids, as amino acids and carotenoids naturally break apart.  Simply put, the resulting tea leaves take on a new richer taste and are then fired to bring out their intoxicatingly aromatic new potential. Depending on the intricacy of the tea-making process, and the number of times the tea has been steeped, oolong teas are produced into a wide selection of savory flavors, including flowery and fruity distinctive finishes. 

Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

Oolong tea may provide robust health benefits when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Consuming oolong tea may assist in the reduction of chronic health conditions such as heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood sugar, and eczema. Known for its anti-cancer properties, oolong tea may help its consumers maintain a healthy immune system by providing an antioxidant effect that prevents osteoporosis, strengthens bone structures, boosts metabolism, aids digestion, and promotes youthful skin. Caffeine found in oolong tea may increase mental alertness, thereby assisting with everyday performance. Increased energy from caffeine can help you go the extra mile, letting you achieve a more active lifestyle from the wonderfully satisfying flavors of oolong premium tea, even without adding sugar. Remember that the health benefits of good quality oolong tea will be stronger than poorer qualities of tea. If nothing else, the appreciation of taking the time to make and drink premium oolong tea will uplift the soul, certainly improving health by calming the mind, reducing stress, and heightening feelings of relaxation associated with a positive mood.

Where to Buy Oolong Tea 

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