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ITO EN (North America) INC. was founded in May 2001 with the mission of introducing ITO EN's line of green tea products and establishing a green tea culture and interest in the United States and beyond.

In 2002, the Teas' Tea line of natural, unsweetened bottled tea was launched. The product line functions as the centerpiece of ITO EN (North America) Inc. for it upholds ITO EN's principles of Natural, Safe, Healthy, Well-Designed, and Delicious. The product was first introduced through wholesale distribution in New York City and the Tri-State area.

The breadth of ITO EN (North America) Inc. is increasing through the development of new beverage and loose leaf tea products, the expansion of its distribution network to a national level, and the growth of its ecommerce operations. With the attention of industry, the media, and the public, ITO EN (North America) Inc. is well on its way to making green tea a true part of the new American culture.

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President's Message

Dear Friends,

With the winter months upon us and a time for holiday traditions, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the loyalty of our many customers who have helped us grow our company. As the President & CEO of ITO EN-North America, I lead each and every day with the single vision to bring happiness to our customers. Innovative products that make a difference in our customer’s lives.

This year we were pleased to launch many new Organic products, which increasingly is becoming an important choice for our customers. We were greatly honored to be recognized by the North American Tea Championship 2015 for these new Organic flavors, placing five (5) FIRST PLACE awards in the Iced Tea Category. This we hope is a testament to our tea expertise spanning over 50 years as a vertically integrated company, and our commitment to quality tastes.

One of the First Place winners, Matcha LOVE Organics-Traditional captures the true taste and vitality of Matcha, the finely milled green tea powder revered for its high nutrients and rich umami flavor. With each bottle offering 350 mg of Catechins-powerful tea antioxidants and zero calories, it has become a favorite among the millennials and our health conscious consumer.

With Matcha fast becoming a popular ingredient, we also introduced a Matcha LOVE Culinary Matcha, which received “Best New Product-Tea as an Ingredient” at the World Tea Expo 2015 held in Long Beach, California. We hope more aspiring cooks will explore the versatility of using Matcha in their cooking or baking.

Combining ITO EN’s Japanese heritage and modern innovation, this winter we have launched ITO EN Matcha Teabags- three (3) flavors of traditional, lemongrass and mint with 100% pure Japanese matcha. With a global market in mind, we look forward to many new customers embracing this delicious and vibrant green tea.

As we have now grown to include our Distant Lands Coffee company,we are excited that our ITO EN family now includes coffee expertise with great tasting coffee produced at our sustainable farms and mills in Costa Rica and Columbia. Our La Minita coffee groves produces the finest coffee beans, while practicing careful stewardship of the land. We are excited to bring new coffee experiences, adding to our popular Jay Street Coffee.

We continue to support community activities as we take our corporate responsibility seriously. Through our support of education, environment and health initiatives, we realize we can have a significant impact on the well-being of our communities. From helping with the City of Hope medical center, Fitness programs at Brooklyn Park Conservancy and Emerging Leadership programs, we are committed to the difference we can make for a sustainable future.

I would like to thank you again for your continued support of ITO EN and invite you to join us on our exciting journey that lies ahead.

Best personal regards,

Yosuke J.O. Honjo

C.E.O & President-ITO EN(North America) INC.

Corporate Social Responsibility

TEAS' TEA Win Top Awards at North American Tea Championship 2015, Winning Six Awards in the Iced Tea Category

Matcha LOVE® CULINARY MATCHA Wins "Best New Product-Tea As An Ingredient" At World Tea Expo 2015

Matcha Mania is Upon Us

With her MacBook and iPhone, a small ceramic dish of blueberries, and a bottle of Oi Ocha green tea before her, she's explaining how imperative it is that her company figure out how to matter to consumers and marketers in the mobile era.

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TEAS' TEA® Launches A New Kick Of Spice With Chai Latte. New Flavor Joins Black Tea and Matcha Green Tea Latte

TEAS' TEA® Launches New Sweetened Tea. Just Sweet Enough in Two New Flavors: Pure Green and Jasmine Green

BETTER HOMES & GARDENS - August 2013. In the August 2013 edition of Better Homes & Gardens, our TEAS' TEA ® Jasmine Green is featured as one of the best unsweetened/lightly sweetened iced tea beverages on the market.

TEAS' TEA® Pure Green and TEAS' TEA® half & Half Lemonade Win First Place and TEAS' TEA® half & Half Peach Wins Third Place at the North American Tea Championship.


ITO EN Serves As Supplier Alliance Partner of Whole Planet Foundation

TEAS' TEA® Low Calorie Lemon Black Featured in Self Magazine's Healthy Food Awards 2012

ITO EN's Sencha Named as One of "The 10 Smartest Things You Can Do for Your Body This Summer"- July 2012

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North American Tea Championship - May 2012. TEAS' TEA® Pure Green Wins First Place and TEAS' TEA® half & Half Green Apple Wins Second Place at the North American Tea Championship.

ITO EN Receives NON-GMO Project Verification for Ready-To-Drink TEAS' TEA® and Oi Ocha®.We Support NON-GMO

TEAS' TEA® Supports Whole Planet Foundation's 2014 Prosperity Campaign. Investing In A Future Without Poverty.

TEAS' TEA® Launches A Decaf Tea. The Perfect Alternative for the Caffeine Sensative

In a feature on OPRAH.com titled "Energy Boosters in the Office Vending Machine", our TEAS' TEA® and OI OCHA were listed as great energy boosting alternatives to coffee and sweetened energy drinks.

TEA MAGAZINE - July/August 2013

Our TEAS' TEA ® Lattes are featured in the New Products section of the July/August 2013 edition of Tea Magazine.



In Health Magazines recent article Tea Up! nutritionist Joy Bauer, RD. list our TEAS' TEA ® Mint Green as an antioxidant packed alternative to sweetened tea beverages.

Prevention Magazine - February 2013. Featured in an article titled Drink to your health, TEAS' TEA® Rose Green is featured, along with 18 other beverages ranging from Kombucha, Alo, Probiotic Drinkable Yogurt and healthy sodas.

American Red Cross Disaster Relief in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. For those of you affected by Hurricane Sandy, we hope you, your family, and friends are safe and sound. We are thinking of you and hope you are already on your way towards recovery. As you may know, our TEAS' TEA headquarters are based in Brooklyn and, unfortunately, we were not left unscathed. Fortunately, our office has reopened and things are slowly getting back to normal! Our hearts go out to those still suffering. We humbly ask that you join us in donating to the America Red Cross Disaster Relief. http://www.redcross.org/lp/sandy

TEAS' TEA® Matcha Featured Product in this Month's Issue of Marie Clare Magazine- July 2012

TEAS' TEA® Kicks off the Summer with "Let the Good Times Roll" Promotion - May 2012