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December is a wonderful month.  The weather turns crisp, the sweaters come out, and there's an electric sort of joy buzzing in the air.  Preparations for the holidays are starting, work is probably picking up in anticipation for the year’s end, and at the end of the day, one needs some relaxation time. 

That's exactly what this amazing Jasmine Silver Needle white tea does for me.  Even opening the tin of soft, fuzzy white tea leaves and getting a whiff of the delicate jasmine scent is enough to bring a sense of peace to the evening.  The liquor is a cheery yellow color, and the aroma brings a smile to your face.  Smooth and elegant, the jasmine graces your palate to accompany the sweet, gentle flavor of the young white tea leaves.  This truly is a tea to cherish by yourself or with your closest friends!

Tara Wasserman
Wholesale Assistant, Loose Leaf Tea 


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