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Golden Robe Spring

"I am a big fan of oolong tea, and Golden Robe Spring is one of my favorite oolongs. I have to say that the complexity and richness of flavor in this tea definitely keeps bringing me back for more.

Oolong are known as “partially oxidized” or “semi-oxidized” teas.  Some oolongs are oxidized very little, so their flavor profiles are more like green teas.  Others are oxidized significantly, so their appearance and flavor is nearer that of a black tea. This tea is more like a black tea, as it has a bold, full taste.

The best known oolong teas originate in China and Taiwan.  Golden Robe Spring Oolong is a terrific new varietal grown in the Anxi region of Fujian, China. A cross between a traditional Guanyin and the Yellow Gold varietal, this artisanal harvest has a rich, deep, yet not too heavy flavor

The tea leaves are a good size and color, not burnt-looking or shriveled, and when you pour water on them, they expand nicely. One of my favorite aspects of Oolong teas is the ability to re-brew from the same tea leaves. This oolong tea re-brews very nicely, and you certainly can get 2-3 cups out of it, or more – which makes it a great value, too!"


Brad Angevine

Senior Vice President

Marketing & Product


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